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Soon you will find here information for sexual orientated Tourists from locations all around the world. To enlarge this database please report your experiences to us, so you will find your information here a few days later. Please mail to REPORT . Your name and E-Mail-Address will be published with your report, if  you want to stay anonymous please don't forget to tell us. Write the Country and Town of your report in the Subject....Thanks. More questions about this service ? Mail to SERVICE .

It's planned to publish here our own reports as well as yours, if u have pictures to add to your report mail them to us too but don't be disappointed when we cannot publish them all. Our first reports will be from Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Samui) and Brazil (Rio, Recife). They are finished within the next weeks and are online short after our return.

A picture section with the sweetest girls (and if u want boys) from the world will be generated too. Also there will be the places named where you can find these beauties You will find only legal pictures here !!!